New Startup Added: Tictail

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 5.23.48 PMCheck out the latest startup added to the list below and see their jobs page here:
Tictail is the the online social shopping destination that allows you to discover the world’s greatest independent brands before anyone else. Home to over 2.5 million products, the Tictail marketplace benefits both entrepreneurs looking to build and grow a brand online, and discerning shoppers who value excellence in aesthetic, quality of materials, and the significance of the story behind a product. With a rich supply of independent and emerging designers – now over 125,000 strong – Tictail has cultivated and connected an untapped market of brands who otherwise may not be able to reach a global audience.

New Startup Added: Bounce Exchange


We're Hiring!

If you already work in ecommerce or are looking to get into the business you should know one thing: it’s all about conversion. It’s easy enough to get people to visit you online but it’s even harder to get them to make a purchase. This is where Bounce Exchange comes in. Their technology increases conversion and turns “worthless traffic” into sales.

One of their core products is their “Exit Intent Technology”. Their software senses when you’re about to leave a website and before you do, a pop-up flashes on the screen offering you an opportunity to join a mailing list or gives you a code for a discount. For ecommerce brands, it works. Watch this video to see how.

And for those of you out there looking to break into ecommerce, Bounce Exchange would be a great place to start. You would have the chance to work with big brands helping them solve a tough problem: conversion. Not only do they currently have 15 open positions, they are hiring across the spectrum of entry-level to senior roles in sales, marketing, recruiting, and engineering. Visit their careers page to apply today.





International Startup Festival Elevator World Tour

The Elevator World Tour was recently brought to my attention and looks like a great opportunity at $100,000 in startup funding. I apologize for not posting sooner but the deadline to pitch your startup is May 7, 2014. Hurry up and apply to pitch here!

Even if you don’t make the deadline you can still attend the event and make some great connections. The event takes place from 4:30 PM to midnight on May 22nd at One World Trade Center. Click here to sign up to attend.

What’s really unique about this event is each startup that pitches will only have as much time as it takes to ride an elevator to the top of One World Trade Center! A fun twist on the “traditional” elevator pitch.

Read on for more details about the World Tour.

“The contest is part of a worldwide startup contest known as the Elevator World Tour that runs literal elevator pitches in some of the world’s most iconic buildings. Other stops on the tour have included Toronto’s CN tower and the Azrieli Tower in Tel Aviv, with upcoming events in Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Dubai and Santiago.

Up to 100 aspiring startups will compete for an investment of $100,000 from a team of angel investors. Judges so far include Jamie O’Hara of Grise Global Groupe, Jesse Kaplan of Plazacorp, Danny Knafo, Michael Hollinger, Randy Smerik of OsunaTech and Geoff Judge of iNovia Capital.”


New Startup Added: Wildcard

Wild Card


Wildcard is ahead of the curve when talking about interacting with the mobile web. Brands continue to scramble to build mobile apps because of the poor usability of mobile interfaces. Responsive design is thought to be the answer but it’s still not a perfect solution. The market is signaling a shift away from apps and mobile sites to cards – just look at Google Now and Twitter’s cards. Wildcard is building a mobile card browser to help define this trend.

This feels like an early opportunity but of course the possibilities are endless. If you’re interested in working with Wildcard you can link to their jobs page from the mobile section of the NYCSL.

Free Legal Services: Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic

Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic


In the early stages startups often don’t focus on compliance, trademarks, and legal agreements among founders because they are so busy building and shipping the product. However this can lead to messy legal battles down the road which is something you clearly want to avoid. It was recently brought to my attention that there are free legal services available to startups in NYC at the Brooklyn School of Law at the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic (BLIP). In addition to other legal services, if you have a patentable technology, BLIP will find a you an up and coming lawyer that will help you protect you and your business. BLIP’s mission statement is:

“BLIP functions like a full-service, technology-oriented law firm in which students provide transactional, policy, some litigation and general legal support to tech-oriented startup clients, innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Contact blip(@) for more information.

Job Openings: Web Developer – Nyaya Health

Medtech Startup


We posted about Nyaya Health a few months ago as the first company for social good to be added to the list. To refresh your memory, Nyaya has built a partnership with the Nepalese government to create transparent healthcare technology which helps in the process of providing real healthcare for those in need. At the moment, they are looking for web developer to help the cause. Here is some what they are looking for:

– Ability to code and customize Nyaya’s site on WordPress

– Experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

– Willingness to travel to Nepal

– Willingness to train or experience with Salesforce

– Passion for their mission

Nyaya is also offering some great benefits including free temporary housing for relocation. You can read the full job post here.

How to Apply

Please send the materials below to with “Web Developer Application – Your Name” in the subject line of the email.

  • Show, don’t tell. Send us a portfolio of your work (which includes your resume). We are being purposefully vague in our explanation here. Please send us whatever format (or combination of formats) best exemplifies your work that can be reviewed in less than 15 minutes.
  • Tell us (or show us) your story, and why you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to bring health care to the rural poor in Nepal. Just make it fit on one page and break free from the confines of the traditional cover letter.

New Startup Added: Harry’s



Harry’s: a great shave at a fair price. What more needs to be said? Well I guess that description leaves a bit to the imagination so I’ll dive a little deeper. Harry’s isn’t your favorite local barbershop but a low-cost alternative to your standard Gillette, Schick, et al shaving products. Harry’s designs and manufactures it’s own line of handles, razors, and shaving cream. Harry’s razors are 50% less expensive than than Gillette’s but the cream is comparable to it’s competitors.

Harry’s is one of the higher profile ecommerce companies to launch this year with backing and operational leadership from one of the founders of Warby Parker, Jeff Raider. Harry’s is hiring but they aren’t overtly advertising a jobs page. To get your foot in the door here you’re going to have to be more creative than just throwing your resume on the pile. I recommend networking your way to an interview anyhow. Read more about Harry’s here.

New Startup Added: Awesome NYC

Awesome NYC


Put simply, Awesome is a design agency specializing in UI and UX designs exclusively for startups. They’ve worked with a number up and coming startups such as Wanderfly and MediaBrix as well. As new brands take there first step with mobile and old brands try to catch up digitally, Awesome is positioned well to meet the demand for beautiful and engaging user experiences. Awesome is part of a growing movement towards smaller, independent agencies. This is probably healthy for the industry at large in terms creating sustainable agencies and brands win because they have access to a wide range of technology and creative talent.