Altruik is focused on making SEO easy and scalable for e-commerce companies and online retailers. By automating SEO on-page best practices and enhancing visibility of product pages, Product Priority™ software boosts search engine page visibility, click-through rates and revenue.
BA Insight is dedicated to developing Advanced Search products that help businesses greatly improve information access and leverage all knowledge and data across the Enterprise. For all people in the organization, whether it’s a customer service representative, or a research engineer, our products enable a dynamic and unified view of strategic data, both structured and unstructured, delivered in the form of intuitive search-based applications targeted to a particular job role or task. In fact, BA Insight is the first company to introduce packaged search-based applications, called TotalView, for Microsoft SharePoint and FAST.
BestVendor helps you find the best work apps to get things done. We believe that the right product or hack can transform your work life — and that there’s no better way to find them than through your peers and contacts.
Bounce Exchange is a full service SaaS company that specializes in customer acquisition, retention and user behavioral automation to enterprise level online businesses. Our patented exit-intent technology will detect the moment a visitor intends to leave a website and provide relevant messaging to increase conversion rates and site performance. Through our robust segmentation engine and user behavior analysis, we make web sites smarter and optimize traffic at every stage of the funnel by A/B testing messaging and offers.
Catchpoint radically transforms the way businesses manage, monitor, and test the performance of online applications. Truly understand and improve user experience with clear visibility into complex, distributed online systems.
Conductor is the undisputed leader in SEO technology, empowering enterprise marketers to manage and improve their SEO efforts and deliver provable ROI. The company created the first and most widely adopted enterprise SaaS SEO technology solution, Conductor Searchlight™, which helps marketers scale natural search, monitor competitive market share and boost revenue.
Our mission is to enhance the fan experience and maximize the lifetime value of every single fan on the web. We achieve this by building technology that aligns the media & messaging of influencers, partners, and advertisers to unlock enormous value, while also bringing the depth of the fan experience into the 21st century.
We built this product because we think companies are doing marketing all wrong: too many aggressive popups, not enough personal connection. Fomo empowers websites to display recent customer actions (purchases, newsletter signups, whatever) with one line of code. Showcasing important behaviors like these dramatically increases social proof, turning your website into the thriving piece of online real estate that it is.
Franchise Help
We’re FranchiseHelp, and we help customers find the right franchise or business opportunity. We help them identify potential businesses and connect them with a list of vetted opportunities.
Cloud based business management and marketing software to service businesses around the world. Our Software-as-a-Service platform enables businesses to operate efficiently while promoting their services and capturing customers through new marketing channels including social commerce, group buying, mobile and local advertising.
Harvest serves the time tracking and billing needs of thousands of customers around the world, from freelancers to small businesses to departments within Fortune 500 companies.
Kinnek was started in 2012 by entrepreneurs in New York City who noticed that small businesses were stuck in a no-man’s land when it came to purchasing for their businesses. They require bulk or customized orders that consumer-facing storefronts can’t offer. However, they can’t run the costly and complex procurement processes used by large businesses. Kinnek fills this void by providing an online platform where small businesses can compare customized quotes from suppliers by creating a single request. The simplicity of the Kinnek system is what makes it so powerful.
LookBooker is one of NYC’s most exciting, new tech start-ups. LookBooker is “OpenTable” for hair and beauty — that is, we are a marketplace for consumers to search, book, and review their favorite hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, and more. We launched in NY in November 2014 and have aspirations to be an aggregator as large as Yelp or OpenTable or ZocDoc. We are currently looking for phenomenally talented people to join us on this journey.
M5 Networks was founded in 2000 and is a pioneer in cloud-based phone systems.  We are a national company providing more than 2,000 companies with an enterprise-class phone system.  Our mission is to provide phone systems and applications with an experience that businesses love.
At Nabbtix, we have created a new way to sell event tickets by using real-time, multi-seat auctions. Our innovative system functions as a superior method for selling tickets, maximizing revenue for venues. We provide buyers full control over ticket selection, and guarantee them the opportunity to purchase tickets at their convenience without the fear of the event selling out.
Phonewagon is a beautiful call tracking and analytics software for business and the marketing agencies that serve them. Phonewagon’s customers are able to spend their marketing dollars much more efficiently while increasing close rates for the leads that marketing generates. PhoneWagon allows any business to easily generate and configure unique local phone numbers and place those on each of their different marketing campaigns. Businesses can then view which marketing campaigns are generating phone calls, which ones are not, and allocate their marketing spend accordingly. PhoneWagon also has powerful customer communication tools that further enable businesses to communicate, engage and close leads generated from marketing. PhoneWagon allows businesses to create custom rules that will automatically respond to missed calls and voicemails before the leads are able to call another business. This game-changing feature is dramatically increasing close rates for PhoneWagon’s customers.
SalesCrunch is a next-generation online meeting platform, focused on applying science to the art of selling. One single platform enables sales professionals to establish strong connections with customers, monitor engagement during meetings, collaborate with others across an organization, eliminate monotonous data-entry, and measure the efficiency of meetings like never before.
ShopKeep POS is an iPad point of sale system in the cloud. Our system helps retailers make smarter business decisions.
Our software modernizes and simplifies the translation and localization process for global businesses and Web 2.0 companies.
Social Amp
Social Amp’s market-leading platform harnesses the power of Facebook’s Open Graph for business. Since our very first implementation of Facebook Connect on a retail site in 2009, we’ve immersed ourselves in social commerce. Our knowledge and experience have culminated in the first proprietary platform optimizing the Open Graph for retail, CPG, travel and publishing.
social media link
Social Media Link (SML) is the leading tech-enabled marketing services company that amplifies social media advocacy for brands. We make it easy for brands to activate impactful and trusted reviews and recommendations across social media, triggering in-store action and leading consumers through the path to purchase.
SocialFlow is a social media optimization platform that is used by major publishers, brand marketers and retailers around the world to increase engagement (clicks, re-tweets, re-posts and mentions) on Twitter and Facebook. Our technology determines the optimal time to release the right Tweet based on when your audience is most receptive.
STELLAService is an independent company that rates the customer service performance of online businesses. You could say measuring service quality is an obsession of ours. So much so, we created the most robust evaluation methodology ever assembled — stress testing more than 300 different elements of the online customer experience.
Storefront helps retailers find short-term retail space. We connect retailers, brands, and designers with high quality space for short-term retail stores, also known as pop-up shops. Realtors and space owners list their property on the site, name their price, drive foot traffic, and approve all bookings.
TiqIQ is an event ticket search engine that also powers ticketing for over 1,000 team and performers specific sites. TiqIQ allows ticket buyers to view options across the secondary as well as the primary market and uses a discount rating to show how good each deal is compared to the market. TiqIQ also licenses data about the secondary ticket market to teams and other sellers.
Voxel, the go-to partner for scaling demanding web applications, is now part of Internap, the leader in intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions. Together, we provide you vastly greater choice, flexibility and performance in your IT Infrastructure. With hosting facilities around the world, Voxel provides the industry’s only truly hybrid infrastructure solution, allowing clients to seamlessly mix and match dedicated VoxSERVERS, virtual VoxCLOUD servers and scalable storage across their deployment. All Voxel services are backed by a 100% uptime SLA and 24x7x365 “Zero Bureaucracy” support.
Wade & Wendy
Wade is our chat-based AI RecruiterBot, connecting job seekers and hiring managers. For job seekers, he’s career guide and guru, helping you find the place where you belong. For hiring managers, he’s the ultimate partner, finding the perfect candidates with a deep understanding of what – and who – your team needs. Wendy helps hiring teams manage high volume roles. When candidates apply, Wendy deploys a first-round interview using our dynamic chat interface. This allows teams to identify candidates they otherwise may have missed and spend more time engaging candidates that are the best fit for the role.
Xtify was launched in 2009 to help brands and marketers stay connected to their mobile customers, who – thanks to the meteoric growth of smartphones and mobile applications — increasingly want their information and entertainment on the go. The premise was simple: content and promotional offers are far more useful when delivered directly to consumers at the time and place in which they can act on them immediately. In other words, relevancy is key.
ZocDoc is a free service that allows patients to book Doctor appointments online.