The NYC Startup List stands for the hours of work dedicated to discovering a job I truly loved. It also exists as a tool and resource for job seekers looking to work for an amazing young company in NYC.

I originally created this list in order to find a job at a growing, venture-backed company in NYC. I returned home to NY in September 2011 after a year of traveling and was faced with a classic problem: the paradox of choice. There was so much I could do but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do.

I began by renting a desk at a local executive suite to secure a work space and started a Tumblr chronicling my professional career and adventures up until that point. Five days a week from 9 to 5 I contacted everyone I knew that was willing to talk to me. Simultaneously I was researching the NYC startup landscape. Everyone I talked to and every article I read added a company to my list.

As my list grew, my perspective grew. It was only after I understood the market and saw the opportunities available to me that I was able to focus my efforts and make a decision where I wanted to work. I believe you should first find a company you love and then try to get your foot in the door. The List is constructed in a way that facilitates this thought process.

My vision for the NYC Startup List is to help job seekers figure out what they want to do and shorten their discovery process for their next great opportunity.

Benjamin Stein

Founder – NYC Startup List