New Startup Added: Bounce Exchange


We're Hiring!

If you already work in ecommerce or are looking to get into the business you should know one thing: it’s all about conversion. It’s easy enough to get people to visit you online but it’s even harder to get them to make a purchase. This is where Bounce Exchange comes in. Their technology increases conversion and turns “worthless traffic” into sales.

One of their core products is their “Exit Intent Technology”. Their software senses when you’re about to leave a website and before you do, a pop-up flashes on the screen offering you an opportunity to join a mailing list or gives you a code for a discount. For ecommerce brands, it works. Watch this video to see how.

And for those of you out there looking to break into ecommerce, Bounce Exchange would be a great place to start. You would have the chance to work with big brands helping them solve a tough problem: conversion. Not only do they currently have 15 open positions, they are hiring across the spectrum of entry-level to senior roles in sales, marketing, recruiting, and engineering. Visit their careers page to apply today.





New Startup Added: Wildcard

Wild Card


Wildcard is ahead of the curve when talking about interacting with the mobile web. Brands continue to scramble to build mobile apps because of the poor usability of mobile interfaces. Responsive design is thought to be the answer but it’s still not a perfect solution. The market is signaling a shift away from apps and mobile sites to cards – just look at Google Now and Twitter’s cards. Wildcard is building a mobile card browser to help define this trend.

This feels like an early opportunity but of course the possibilities are endless. If you’re interested in working with Wildcard you can link to their jobs page from the mobile section of the NYCSL.

New Startup Added: Harry’s



Harry’s: a great shave at a fair price. What more needs to be said? Well I guess that description leaves a bit to the imagination so I’ll dive a little deeper. Harry’s isn’t your favorite local barbershop but a low-cost alternative to your standard Gillette, Schick, et al shaving products. Harry’s designs and manufactures it’s own line of handles, razors, and shaving cream. Harry’s razors are 50% less expensive than than Gillette’s but the cream is comparable to it’s competitors.

Harry’s is one of the higher profile ecommerce companies to launch this year with backing and operational leadership from one of the founders of Warby Parker, Jeff Raider. Harry’s is hiring but they aren’t overtly advertising a jobs page. To get your foot in the door here you’re going to have to be more creative than just throwing your resume on the pile. I recommend networking your way to an interview anyhow. Read more about Harry’s here.

New Startup Added: Awesome NYC

Awesome NYC


Put simply, Awesome is a design agency specializing in UI and UX designs exclusively for startups. They’ve worked with a number up and coming startups such as Wanderfly and MediaBrix as well. As new brands take there first step with mobile and old brands try to catch up digitally, Awesome is positioned well to meet the demand for beautiful and engaging user experiences. Awesome is part of a growing movement towards smaller, independent agencies. This is probably healthy for the industry at large in terms creating sustainable agencies and brands win because they have access to a wide range of technology and creative talent.


New Startup Added: SOKO

SOKO: ecommerce everywhere for everyone


I met the founders of SOKO, a mobile/ecommerce driven, socially beneficial marketplace last month at the NY Tech Day at Pier 92. They have created a seamless mobile and ecommerce based solution for female artisans in Africa to access buyers from all over the world. Available are necklaces, bracelets, earnings, and rings priced between $10-$75.

SOKO is disruptive on many levels and empowers women to improve their standard of living by selling direct to the consumer and keeping more of their profits. Africa lacks accessible physical banking but SOKO leverages the current mobile money infrastructure to pay shop owners via their mobile phones. The only downside is the ship window which can take up to 25 days. However, it’s not such a bad trade off considering you are getting an affordable, original piece of jewelry and helping someone better themselves along the way.

Find out more about SOKO here.

New Startup Added: AlphaSights

Financial Data Consultant

AlphaSights is a consulting firm that connects PE shops, hedge funds, and corporations with industry experts to help them make strategic decisions. Executives at corporations and investment funds have to make hundreds of decisions each day on topics where they are not necessarily experts. This is where AlphaSights comes in. They have wide range of industry professionals to tap into to gather information or put their clients in touch with the right people. One AlphaSights client writes,

“AlphaSights takes the quality control burden off us by presenting only individuals who can actually answer our questions. This is how effective primary research should work. “

They have a great illustration on their “What We Do” page that tells it all. It features a client and then flashes the  type of people AlphaSights connected their client with and the number of hours it took to make a decision.

AlphaSights looks like a great jumping off point for bright, hard-working graduates or consultants with some experience looking for a more hands on experience of a growing business.

Read more about them in our FinTech section where you can link to their jobs page. And of course, they are growing fast and hiring.


New Startup Added: Paddle8

Art Auction Startup

Paddle8 is the eBay of the art world with a social good twist. They bring buyers and sellers of art closer together online and donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profits. Paddle8 holds benefit auctions in partnership with non-profits and themed auctions every other week. In addition, they have created an inventory management system for galleries/foundations/dealers to archive their art called, Archive8. Paddle8 is currently hiring developers so if you can code and have an eye for art, shoot these guys an email. Click here for more info on Paddle8.

New Startup Added: Poppin


Poppin makes and sells office supplies and helps companies create inspirational work spaces by using bright colors in their products. They have big customers like Pandora, Fab and LinkedIn that are very pleased with Poppin’s products and customer service. One person from Pandora wrote, “We love Poppin’s products and how they add to the energy and vibe of our office environment. We want our team to be inspired and Poppin has definitely helped create a more inspiring workspace. Our team has definitely noticed the difference.”

It seems like a no brainer but adding a little color to your office could make a big difference. Poppin is an ecom retailer and they are hiring for a number of positions. Check them out here.

New Startup Added: Nyaya

Medtech StartupThis company is the first in a new category on the NYC Startup List: Social Good. Nyaya is creating a technology enabled healthcare network in rural Nepal by raising money through donations and grants and working with the Napoli government. These guys are truly about transparency and share all of their company information on their Wiki. Nyaya’s goal is create systems and services that last and create accountability among the government and community.

Link to their jobs page here and read more about them here.


New Startup Addd: Kinnek

Procurement managementWe just got wind of a new startup called Kinnek. They put SMBs in the drivers seat when it comes to procurement. If you’re a buyer, rather than calling dozens of suppliers in search of the best quote, you can post a RFQ (request for quote) on Kinnek and have suppliers compete for your business.

The founders of Kinnek just graduated from Fall 2012 class of AngelPad and they are hiring for tech and non-tech positions. You can check them out in the B2B/C section of the NYC Startuplist.