AppFigures is a reporting platform for mobile app developers that brings together all of your app store sales data, worldwide reviews, and hourly rank updates into one intuitive and informative reporting solution.
Bitly helps you collect, organize, shorten and share links. We are currently reinventing how people discover and share content on the web.
Bundle was born from the idea that people need real insights and ratings on the places we go, not just subjective opinions. Bundle uses data from the U.S. government, from aggregated, anonymized spending transactions from Citi, and from other third party sources to derive personalized recommendations on restaurants, bars and shops. You can find out what type of people go to a place, how often people really go back to a place, and get recommendations on where you should go based on places you already like.
CB insights is the ideal tool for those engaged in private equity, venture capital, corporate development, investment banking, corporate innovation & strategy, angel investment and consulting. Whether it is deal sourcing, due diligence, or market and competitive intelligence, CBI has been created to assist you in discovering the right private company information in the most efficient, comprehensive way.
Chartbeat is a real-time analytics service designed for real-time action used by everyone from The Wall Street Journal to Al Jazeera. We’re democratizing data by putting it in the hands of people who need it to make decisions and take action – right now.
critical media
Critical Media is a company at the forefront of real-time broadcast video capture, search, syndication and information services. Dedicated to making broadcast video search as ubiquitous as text search, the Company provides tools and services to content consumers, providers, distributors and advertisers that leverage its real-time media capture infrastructure. Every day, our media capture infrastructure, the largest in the world, processes in real time over 10,000 hours of broadcast content on 4 continents, making every minute of it discoverable and monetizable within 60 seconds of airtime.
A natural place to save information, simply and beautifully.
Hunch personalizes the internet by helping you to share and discover great recommendations about all sorts of topics. Hunch’s ambitious mission is to build a ‘Taste Graph’ of the entire web, connecting every person on the web with their affinity for anything, from books to electronic gadgets to fashion or vacation spots. Hunch is at the forefront of combining algorithmic machine learning with user-curated content, with the goal of providing better recommendations for everyone.
We started Jirafe to help eCommerce store managers grow their online businesses. Our product is designed to make your life easier and help you take action and be successful. As a company we will be successful only if our customers and partners succeed.
We created Minus to make sharing pictures, documents, music, videos and files simple, instant, and free. Minus lets you drag files from your desktop and folders directly to your browser to start sharing or via our desktop and mobile apps.
Next Jump owns one of the largest consumer databases built from powering up ecommerce Marketplaces for over 90,000 enterprise clients. Through targeted marketing technology, over 30,000 merchant partners leverage this database to drive traffic, sales and new customers to their stores and websites, selling everything from diapers to private jet shares. From a shopper’s perspective, Next Jump provides a tailored and personalized approach to online shopping, with unique features built-in that reward loyal customers with access to the best products at the best price points.
VISUAL revenue
Visual Revenue Inc. provides a predictive analytics solution that helps online media organizations set a better front page. Headquartered in New York, Visual Revenue is helping media organizations across the globe better place their current content throughout their online publication. Visual Revenue’s Front Page Automation Platform currently provides more than 40 online publishers with real-time recommendations.