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address report
We’re, and we help reveal the truth behind apartment listings. AddressReport scans and interprets hundreds of millions of data points to generate gorgeous, easy-to-read, detailed reports that reveal the positives and red flags for any address — eliminating the information gap and giving busy apartment-hunters the insights they need to make a better-informed moving decision
Tell your home’s story with HomeSkope. Share home design choices, new improvements, favorite products and services with friends, family and whomever else you choose. “Skope”, follow and explore the homes of friends, neighbors and celebrities, and see how they’ve made their space their own. Discover new products, professionals, designs and shop within the homes of those you follow.
Keep your home profile updated, start generating a home following and easily share across social networks and with realtors when selling or renting a property. Smart. Fun. Free. Simple. Organized.
Naked Apartments
Our mission is to simplify renting for everyone involved in the process: renters, landlords, brokers, and agents.
New Work City
New Work City is a coworking space and center for independents. Built as a community first and a business second, New Work City is the collective result of the participation of countless people who believe in its mission and subscribe to its values.
Perchwell is New York’s real estate decision engine. Perchwell makes powerful, personalized online search simple. Perchwell is not a real estate broker – we are a technology company focused on building tools to enhance the home search and discovery process for both house hunters and real estate professionals.
RentHackr is a community marketplace for renters to see what apartments currently cost and when they’ll become available. Instead of working with traditional real estate rental listings, we’re turning the market on its head by crowd-sourcing inventory. This gives us a unique dataset and opportunity. We’re working to provide an actionable forecast of upcoming availability. And we’re building new tools for renters to acquire apartments in the exact places they aspire to live.
Storefront helps retailers find short-term retail space. We connect retailers, brands, and designers with high quality space for short-term retail stores, also known as pop-up shops. Realtors and space owners list their property on the site, name their price, drive foot traffic, and approve all bookings.