New Startup Added: Bounce Exchange


We're Hiring!

If you already work in ecommerce or are looking to get into the business you should know one thing: it’s all about conversion. It’s easy enough to get people to visit you online but it’s even harder to get them to make a purchase. This is where Bounce Exchange comes in. Their technology increases conversion and turns “worthless traffic” into sales.

One of their core products is their “Exit Intent Technology”. Their software senses when you’re about to leave a website and before you do, a pop-up flashes on the screen offering you an opportunity to join a mailing list or gives you a code for a discount. For ecommerce brands, it works. Watch this video to see how.

And for those of you out there looking to break into ecommerce, Bounce Exchange would be a great place to start. You would have the chance to work with big brands helping them solve a tough problem: conversion. Not only do they currently have 15 open positions, they are hiring across the spectrum of entry-level to senior roles in sales, marketing, recruiting, and engineering. Visit their careers page to apply today.





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