New Startup Added: Harry’s



Harry’s: a great shave at a fair price. What more needs to be said? Well I guess that description leaves a bit to the imagination so I’ll dive a little deeper. Harry’s isn’t your favorite local barbershop but a low-cost alternative to your standard Gillette, Schick, et al shaving products. Harry’s designs and manufactures it’s own line of handles, razors, and shaving cream.¬†Harry’s razors are 50% less expensive than than Gillette’s but the cream is comparable to it’s competitors.

Harry’s is one of the higher profile ecommerce companies to launch this year with backing and operational leadership from one of the founders of Warby Parker, Jeff Raider. Harry’s is hiring but they aren’t overtly advertising a jobs page. To get your foot in the door here you’re going to have to be more creative than just throwing your resume on the pile. I recommend networking your way to an interview anyhow. Read more about Harry’s here.

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